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Barbara Thompson is an excellent realtor who is very professional and gives attention to details. We are so grateful to have found such a wonderful person who helped us transform our home into a beautiful one. We are extremely grateful for your expertise and for being patient with us through this long process of preparing our home for sale. We had many offers and with Barbara’s guidance we were able to choose the right buyer and close in a short time. Thank you for your extraordinary service during the sale of our home.

Viola Jacob

Barbara was absolutely outstanding.

She was always available and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her.

James & Maria Hill

I must admit that I've had the pleasure of working with a multitude of exceptional professionals over my 53 years, but I take great pleasure in saying that none of them have matched the level of professional vigor as that displayed by Barbara Thompson!

I had the opportunity to work with Barbara in 2020 for the listing of my home. She was remarkably thorough, very precise in her market analysis, and astoundingly good with communications....not only providing me with solid home selling coaching but also in relaying vital market condition information as well as immediate feedback from perspective buyers that visited my home. Due to circumstances that were completely outside of Barbara's control, I had to terminate the sales efforts in 2020. But if the true test of great performance in a Realtor is raised by asking the question, "would you go back to use the same Realtor twice," then I must answer in the positive!! In 2021, the opportunity presented for me to re-list my property. And though there were literally over one hundred realtors that called me after I delisted my property in 2020, none of them came close to Barbara Thompson! I rapidly re-listed with her and her team, and never looked back! She, again, did an outstanding job of directing my selling efforts. She coached me on what Buyers want to see in a property and what I needed to do to meet those expectations. I've had a realtor in the past "candy coat" the truth and it set me back months. Barbara was no-nonsense and to the point. Yes, the decision to make improvements or to mitigate a detrimental feature was in my hands, however, she told it to me straight and true. Following her keen advice, I got TWO more-than-full-price offers on the day of listing! She counseled me on what looked like the more appealing offer based on her experience, and ultimately concluded the sale of my home to everyone's satisfaction! Even when faced with the challenges of selling from out of state, Barbara assisted me in navigating those challenges and solving the concerns of the buyers, again, to everyone's satisfaction. In closing, I would say, undeniably, that you would be hard pressed to find a stronger, more ethical, more client-focused Realtor than Barbara Thompson in Clermont, FL.


We had Barbara Thompson as our agent two times.

The first was in 2016 for the sale of our parents’ house. The second was in 2021 for the sale of our house. Both times Barbara did an outstanding job of assisting us through these sales. She was very thorough in all aspects of each sale. She helped in both sales in the difficult job of downsizing. In our sale, her efforts of getting quality pictures of our house online were instrumental in getting an offer beyond our expectations within 24 hours of listing. We highly recommend Barbara Thompson, and we would use her again for future sales.

Carlene and Stephen

The house we were selling needed a lot of work, and she suggested several contractors to do the work needed.

All of the work was done very well, and at a reasonable price. She made suggestions for changes that needed to be done to make the house less dated so that it would sell. She did an overall outstanding job in selling the house, as well as protecting our interests in negotiating our way through several offers

G Andres

Barbara Thompson was incredibly valuable in facilitating the sale of 5 of my rental properties in Florida over a period of more than 4 years.

Selling these properties was imperative due to my moving out of state in 2010. My wife and I are extremely grateful to Barbara for making these sales happen and performing her job with the utmost professionalism and expediency.

Monts de Oca

I would just like to give Barbara Thompson a thumps up for outstanding job, bar none, for selling of our home in Clermont Florida.

When I told my son Mark we were selling, he said without hesitation get Barbara Thompson. So, I contacted her and told her I hadn’t sold a home in fifty years and she said no problem I guide you through the whole process. That’s exactly what she did. She kept informed on what was happening and what to expect, no surprises. Not only the details of the selling, but also contacting a moving company for the moving of our furniture. Barbara was close enough to become a friend but, unprofessional. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to my family or friends. Thanks! Barbara.

Mike & Connie Echevarria

I would like to share my appreciation of excellent work of Barbara Thompson on the purchase of our house last October 2019.

She exhibited professionalism, persistence in following up with Mortgage Broker, listing Agent’s Realtor, Title Company staff and with us on the process of purchase of our house. She showed extensive knowledge on the ins & outs of buying a house, home inspection, closing process and all the in-between. My husband and I appreciated her excellent ability and availability in finally achieving our goal to purchase our home. I would highly recommend her to my family and friends to use Barbara’s skills and experiences. Thank you Barbara for facilitating the purchase of our beautiful home. Shalom!

Angie Gibbs

I am very happy with Barbara my real estate agent.

She help me find the perfect home, she was very patient, professional and accessible, she kept me updated through all stages of my transaction until closing. I am very happy to recommend her and her Office to any seller or buyer.

Norma Rodriguez

It was a true blessing to have Barbara Thompson help me purchase my 1st home.

She was there every step of the way. She always answered every call/text/email no matter the time of day/night. Her professionalism, mentorship, knowledge, honesty, and hard work ethic are very much appreciated and respected. I never felt that she was just trying to sell me a house but that she was a mentor there to answer my questions and help guide me to make the best decision for me and my family. I would highly recommend Barbara to anyone searching for a new home or even considering purchasing in the near future. Thank You Barbara!!!

Ericka Roberson

Barbara was so great to work with.

She worked diligently to find me a home. She went above and beyond and treated me like family. She is honest, fair and very thorough. She listened to what I wanted yet also advised the best way to go when I needed it. I do highly recommend her services as a real estate agent.! Thanks Barbara!


Barbara is a true professional and takes great pride in whatever she does therefore i would not hesitate to recommend her to my friends and family.

Barbara is a true professional and takes great pride in whatever she does therefore i would not hesitate to recommend her to my friends and family. · Barbara is a true professional and takes great pride in whatever she does therefore i would not hesitate to recommend her to my friends and family.

Neville & Yvonne Benjamin


!! Barbara is a stalwart in her profession! This professional has been honest, straight-forward, prompt, informative, attentive, and ...relentless during our buying process. I consider her a friend for life based on her character and savvy. The process was more akin to a knowledgeable family member helping us find the most viable option(s) for our family. I can't say enough about my experience. She not only does her job, but makes sure everyone else involved in the process is on the ball. I made an offer 12/15/16 and closed 1/9/17 - how's that for efficiency! She was present and available every step of the way before, during, and after the process. It's so good to work with someone who is passionate about their career and focuses on making sure the client is FULLY informed and satisfied - SAVED ME THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! Thank you for being such a wonderful human being - God bless you, Barbara! #FirstPersonIWouldCall #RockStarRealtor #ExcellentCommunicator

Jason Granger

Barbara Thompson guided us through the entire process on the sale of our land.

We were kept informed and updated on a timely basis.She went above and beyond for me and my family always answering questions and helping every step of the way.I would recommend anyone to go through her if they need an intelligent agent by your side. Thank you so much for your profession manner and courtesy.Thank you again.

David & Jackie

Barbara was highly competent, wonderful attention to detail, extremely patient.

Claudia Baldasti

We were privileged to use the agent services of Barbara Thompson on two occasions.

First, she helped our parents sell their house in 2016. And then in 2021 she helped us sell our house. Each time, Barbara gave us excellent service and assistance in getting our houses sold! She was always very professional and quick to help resolve problems. In the case of our house, Barbara took extra efforts to get quality pictures of our house online. These efforts paid off with a sale beyond our expectations! Barbara is truly an outstanding agent! We highly recommend her!

Carlene and Stephen Ehrlich

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